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We Believe
in clinically effective & minimally invasive neurostimulation which improves the quality of patient care & reduces economic impact 

Clinical Evidence
Algotec Research and Developmen​t Limited is a UK based medical device manufacturer, with over 20 years of experience in the field of neuromodulation.
We are the innovators of the NeuroStimulator PENS therapy technology which has provided thousands of patients suffering from chronic neuropathic pain, with a safe and effective pain management option. 

The simplicity of PENS therapy was engineered to ensure  accessibility to the benefits of neuromodulation for patients worldwide, by reducing surgical risk to the patient and the economic impact on health fund providers.
Our dedicated and determined all-female team, strives towards a global presence as innovators and manufacturers of medical devices which improve the quality of patient care through therapies that address un-met needs, with reduced risk, superior clinical results and economic value. 

Our formal quality management system was first implemented in 2009 and has served as a solid foundation for sustained improvement and growth. We are formally certified through BSI in the UK against ISO 13485 and ISO 9001, and are the only all-female certified medical device manufacturing company in the world. ​

About Us

PENS therapy

Algotec's evidence based stimulation paradigm for an increased release of encephalin,
b-endorphin, and endomorphin at low frequency peripheral stimulation, and of dynorphin at a high frequency; a combination of the two frequencies
accelerating the release of all four 
​NeuroStimulator PENS therapy®