" The PENS therapy Pain Diary is very easy to use and available though the Algotec PENS App which you can download from Google Play or the iStore"

​​1 - GET ID
From the 'Patient Unique ID' page, you can register for your Unique Patient ID number. Your Unique Patient ID number will be emailed to you.


Using your Unique Patient ID, go to the 'Profile Registration' page and complete this form to register your patient profile. You only need to complete this form once. 


Use the 'Daily Pain Diary' page to complete your Daily Pain Diary with whatever information you are happy to share. This Pain Diary can be completed as often as you like and even more than once a day - it's up to you.


NOTE: Using the Algotec Pain Diary does NOT form part of any medical treatment you may be considering or undergoing and is done so at your sole discretion. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​This Daily Pain Diary is intended as a tool to monitor patient outcomes. It has been designed specifically for patients undergoing Algotec's NeuroStimulator PENS therapy procedure, which is intended for the symptomatic relief and managemnt of chronic peripheral neuropathic pain. ​​

While the information you provide on Registration of your Profile and in the Dialy Pain Diary does not form part of any medical treatment, understanding how your pain may or may not have changed each day in the first two weeks following your PENS therapy procedure is very useful for your pain Doctor This information continues to be useful even if provided only weekly or monthly thereafter.

Get ID
As a medical device manufacturer, Algotec Research and Development takes patient confidentiality very seriously, so it is important that you ​​​​​​​​ONLY USE THE ALGOTEC PAIN DIARY IF:
[1] you consent to the information you provide using this App to be shared with your Pain Doctor, and [2] you consent to the information you provide using this App to be used by Algotec in evaluating the safety and performance of the product, and to aid future research and development.