Frequently Asked Questions
What is PENS therapy ?
PENS therapy is a minimally invasive treatment intended to manage chronic peripheral neuropathic pain, including but not limited to areas of hypersensitivity, various types of headache and chronic post surgical pain.

PENS therapy is a non-destructive, totally reversible and painless procedure that is carried out in an Operating Theatre or a Day Surgery Centre. It involves your Doctor inserting one or two thin Probes (a long needle) under your skin typically near the affected nerve, or in the fatty layer directly underlying your painful area. In some cases, a very small incision is required at the Probe entry point. Your Doctor will use a small amount of local anaesthetic at the Probe entry point and may also give you some light sedation to reduce any possible discomfort.

Once the Probes are in place, electrical stimulation is delivered to the affected area, through these Probes, for 25 minutes. This stimulation is intended to be pleasant. You may feel a slight tingling or tapping sensation at or around the treatment site, or in some cases you may not feel anything at all.

PENS therapy current is generated by a device called a NeuroStimulator, to which the Probes are connected. To ensure safety throughout the procedure, a return electrode pad (a sticky patch) will be placed on your skin at an appropriate distance from the treatment site so that the electrical current can be dispersed. This is also connected to the NeuroStimulator and creates a complete electrical circuit. You will be allowed to go home shortly after the procedure.

How does the NeuroStimulator PENS therapy® work ?

PENS therapy works by delivering low voltage electrical current to the fatty layer just below the surface of the skin, in the vicinity of a specific nerve, or to the nerve endings situated in the local area. This stimulation is intended to induce a pain relieving effect by altering the state of the nerves.
PENS therapy will allow your Doctor a means of determining whether or not you would benefit from continuous electrical stimulation. PENS therapy may therefore be a single diagnostic type treatment, several treatments, or an on-going treatment regime, depending on the duration and level of pain relief you experience. 

Will PENS therapy work for me ?

PENS therapy, much like other forms of electrical stimulation, does not work for everyone.
PENS therapy will serve as a diagnostic tool for your Doctor even if it has not produced a pain relieving effect on you. This information can assist your Doctor in determining an appropriate alternate treatment plan for you.

How long will I have pain relief ?

Like all treatments, PENS therapy does not work for everyone. A single treatment may produce varying levels of pain relief for anything from a few hours to several months. It is not uncommon to see total pain relief.
Pain relief may be immediate or it may take a few days before you start seeing a reduction in your pain
Following the treatment, you are encouraged to keep a daily diary indicating your level of pain throughout each day. You can use a pain rating scale of 0 to 10 for this and should also include with each diary entry whether this pain rating is better, worse or unchanged from your pre-PENS days.
PENS therapy may be repeated at intervals to sustain your pain relief, if in your Doctor’s opinion this would be an appropriate and effective on-going pain management therapy for you. 

Are there any risks with PENS therapy ?

The risks associated with PENS therapy are minimal but may include skin infection, local haematoma or no reduction in pain.

In some cases you may temporarily experience a slight increase in pain before it either returns to normal or reduces.

Although PENS therapy may reduce pain, it does not treat the underlying condition, should one exist

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