If you would like to start using the PENS therapy Daily Pain Diary, please complete the form below to request your UNIQUE PATIENT ID number

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By using this Pain Diary, you undertsand that this does NOT form part of any medical treatment you may be undergoing or considering and is used at your own discretion. 

As a medical device manufacturer, Algotec Research and Development takes patient confidentiality very seriously, so it is important that you ​​​ONLY REGISTER FOR AND USE THE ALGOTEC PAIN DIARY IF: [1] you consent to the information you provide below being shared with your Pain Doctor, and [2] you consent to the information you provide below being used by Algotec in evaluating the safety and performance of the product, and to aid future research and development.


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​​​​​​​​​The Algotec R&D PENS therapy Pain Diary is available through our website or through the Algotec PENS App whch you can download from Google Play and the iStore​

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