PENS therapy entry into Australia


Friday, March 13, 2015

Following TGA approval, we are now able to offer our first Australian patients PENS therapy 

PENS is a minimally invasive diagnostic therapy, which enables the physician to determine whether a patient is likely to benefit from an implanted stimulation device, although for some patients it may also provide ongoing pain management, thereby avoiding the need for more invasive therapies, with their attendant risks. There are also patients for whom an implanted device is not appropriate and in these cases PENS therapy offers an alternative where other less invasive or pharmacological modalities have failed.

Four patients were treated with the percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (PENS) device at Geelong Private Hospital on Wednesday. Two suffered from chronic headaches, one had severe back pain and the other had debilitating nerve pain following surgery. All of the four patients went home better than they came in.