20mm PENS therapy® Probe for Intraoral Pain


Monday, August 05, 2013

Mr Barrie T Evans FRCS(Eng & Edin), FDSRCS(Eng),FFDRCS(Ire), Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, Southampton University Hospitals, Hampshire, UK, currently uses Algotec’s 2cm Probes for PENS therapy® procedures.

​PENS is a minimally invasive diagnostic therapy, which enables the physician to determine whether a patient is likely to benefit from an implanted stimulation device, although for some patients it may also provide ongoing pain management, thereby avoiding the need for more invasive therapies, with their attendant risks. There are also patients for whom an implanted device is not appropriate and in these cases PENS therapy offers an alternative where other less invasive or pharmacological modalities have failed.

Mr Evans states that “for the treatment of pain in the terminal branches of the trigeminal nerve i.e. supra orbital, infra orbital and mental, the use of the 2cm probe is a significant advantage. This is because the distance from the skin surface to the target is of course much shorter. The longer (5cm) probe is somewhat unwieldy in this situation. Patients tolerate the 2cm probe far better in this circumstance. The use of Doppler to localise the appropriate neurovascular bundle precludes the need for a longer needle”.