​​​​ " D​​isposable PENS therapy Probes, engineered to be Safe & Reliable " 
Disposable ​​​​​​​​​ PENS therapy Probes for use with

NeuroStimulator PENS therapy® System
The Algotec range of disposable 21 guage PENS therapy Probes are conductive along their entire length. They are  intended to facilitate stimulation of a single peripheral nerve and smaller areas, such as facial, intraoral and supraorbital procedures, and complete coverage for large areas of unnamed peripheral nerve endings for peripheral field stimulation.

PENS/0/20 (Black)
Peripheral Nerve Stimulation: Facial, Intraoral, Supraorbital

PENS/0/50 (Yellow)
Peripheral Nerve Stimulation: Occipital, Supraorbital

PENS/0/100 (Blue)
Peripheral Nerve Stimulation: Post hernia repair, Chest wall, Low back

PENS/0/150 (Grey)
Peripheral Field Stimulation: Post surgical scar, Chest wall, Low back

PENS/0/200 (Green)
Peripheral Field Stimulation: Post surgical scar

Probes are intended to be flexible
and can be curved if required, for
ease of placement around
anotomical structures
NeuroStimulator PENS therapy®
PENS therapy Probes